Alex Smith

Alex is a highly experienced executive educator, coach and facilitator with over 24 years’ experience working in people and organisational development. He focuses on the balance and connections between an individual’s development, their team and the organisational context. This systemic perspective of human organisational dynamics is largely influenced by the work of Barry Oshry in whose work Alex has been accredited since 2004.

Alex has a particular interest in raising awareness of how unseen systemic forces in organisational life can get in the way of effective leadership. A theme of Trust runs through all his work, supporting individuals to develop trust in self, in relationship with colleagues and teams, across organisations, with clients, customers and suppliers.

Alex trained in Human Resource Management and Organisational Development in the UK, working predominantly in financial and professional services.  Having worked 10 years with PwC he established his own UK based consulting business in 2006. In 2012 Alex moved his consulting practice to New Zealand where he is now permanently resident.

Alex is acknowledged for the energy, enthusiasm and fun he brings to his work. He balances support with empathy, respect and challenge, providing incisive feedback and allowing difficult conversations to happen. He brings powerful insight and intuition to his work.

Registrations & Memberships


Instrument Accreditations

Oshry  •  Kantor Baseline Behavioral Profile • AoEC accredited executive coach •  LSI  •  The Leadership Circle