Bronwen Downie


Bronwen is a leadership coach whose formative experience in team dynamics was gained in the elite sporting environment, where team cohesion is an essential ingredient for high performance and winning defines success. As an Olympian and dual World Champion in the sport of rowing, Bronwen brings a unique perspective on finding a balance between individual autonomy, team leadership, and the team connection required for performances under high pressure.

At the heart of Bronwen’s approach is a desire to foster the interpersonal communication skills that build in the durability and resilience required for teams to evolve and succeed in competitive environments, be that in the sporting or corporate arena. Life as an elite athlete combined with qualifications in Executive Coaching Psychology, Structural Dynamics, and Psychological Safety allow Bronwen to traverse both sporting and corporate fields of play.  Assisting teams to better understand the dynamics of their individual and collective communication styles, combining tools from evidence-based research with her experience in high-performance environments to address system dynamics and team culture.

Bronwen is passionate about leveraging the value of intentionally building communication skills in high-performance environments such as elite sport. When much is at stake after months or even years of preparation, team dynamics and team culture can play a significant role in final performance outcomes. The lens of Psychological Safety is the frame of reference through which Bronwen sees an exciting new edge in meeting high-performance targets, creating excellent teams and supporting personal bests for team results.

Selected Clients

Rio Tinto, PepsiCo Thailand, Australian Institute of Sport, NSW Institute of Sport, Queensland Institute of Sport, Victorian Institute of Sport, Sydney Water, Melanoma Institute Australia.


Bronwen has a Coaching Psychology Masters Degree; Bachelor of Education, Human Movement & Health.

Bronwen represented Australia in Rowing at the 2012 London Olympics in the Women’s Lightweight Double, and held the title of World Rowing Champion in 2007 and 2008 in the Women’s Lightweight Quadscull.  She was also a World Rowing Championship bronze medallist in 2003.

Registrations & Memberships

Bronwen is a member of the University of Sydney Coaching Masters Association; World Olympians Association;

Instrument Accreditations

Kantor Institute baseline behavioural profile; Fearless Organization scan