Psychological Safety

An introduction for Businesses and Leaders

Presented by

Kieran White
Founder of PeopleTalking

“The PeopleTalking team are leaders in the psychological safety global learning journey, in particular related to how to design and deliver programs to increase the level of psychological safety in organisations, drawing on the brilliant work of David Kantor and his Structural Dynamics model.”
Amy Edmondson

Psychological Safety

Thanks for joining our talk on psychological safety in the workplace. Your presence was greatly appreciated.

Psychological Safety is the catalyst for workplace innovation and productivity. In today’s competitive landscape, fostering an environment where employees feel safe to voice their ideas and concerns is paramount.

Our experienced team has been helping organisations large and small for more than a decade, using bespoke dialogue-based, emergent approaches to help teams reach new levels of success through:

  • Open and honest dialogue
  • Fostering a safe environment for innovative thinking
  • Improve productivity with clear and active listening

Article 1

How Fearless Organizations Succeed

by Amy Edmondson

Amy Edmondson describes three steps leaders can take to create psychological safety,
the prerequisite for greater innovation and growth.

Article 2

How the Matildas’ playbook can help businesses harness collective human intelligence

by Kieran White

Check out Kieran’s masterful alignment of Structural Dynamics with gameplay and teaming

Article 3

Dialogic Leadership

by William N Isaacs

See what William N Isaacs had to say in his article which featured in ‘The Systems Thinker’

meet the


Kieran White has been learning about and teaching group dynamics since 2003, and brings a deep understanding of how individuals, teams and systems connect to every facet of his work. ​Kieran has coached hundreds of leaders, trained hundreds of psychotherapists, has run his own private psychotherapy clinic, been a senior business leader in various multi-nationals, and these days works with organisations around whole systems change, integrating Structural Dynamics.

Kieran is recognized as one of the global experts in Structural Dynamics and worked closely with David Kantor (r.i.p.) on his unfinished work in the years leading up to this death in March 2021. He was asked by David to take on the stewardship of his work after him. It was as a result of working with David on his legacy story that has lead to Kieran continuing to work closely with Professor Amy Edmondson around Psychological Safety, and its integration with Structural Dynamics.​

Kieran holds a Masters in Applied Psychotherapy, a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and related to his earlier career, also holds a first degree in Finance.

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