Changing Behaviour in High Stakes


An intermediate level course in using Structural Dynamics to understand and manage high-stakes behaviour in individuals and teams. This program offers practitioners, coaches, facilitators, and leaders the opportunity to look, through the lens of Structural Dynamics, at what drives human behaviour in a crisis. It is open to those who have successfully completed the entry-level 1 program Making Change Happen.



9am-5pm plus evening work


$7500 + GST
4 nights, 4 full day residential facilitated program;
3 x 1 hour coaching sessions and 2 x 1.5 hour group coaching sessions with an Accredited Structural Dynamics practitioner;
All venue, accommodation, meals & delegate costs.

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About the program

Are you truly in command of your behaviour when the stakes are raised, and the pressure starts to build?  Do you know what triggers this behaviour and what to do about it?  Would you recognise it in others and be able to work with it in teams?

Changing Behaviour in High Stakes offers practitioners, coaches and facilitators the opportunity to look through the lens of Structural Dynamics, at what drives human behaviour in crisis.  

By decoding the structures that sit behind our reactions and reaching into the past to explore story and identity, it becomes possible to understand and change the disruptive patterns of behaviour that can erupt without warning.

Our past story helps us to contextualise the present and it is through this tried and tested frame that we view the world.  In crisis, it explains an individual’s best and worst behaviour; how they interpret others and the clashes they are likely to encounter.  

Using David Kantor’s theory of Structural Dynamics, we explore the powerful, but invisible forces which drive our face to face interaction when the stakes are high.  

This program offers a unique opportunity to fully understand high stakes behaviour and how to manage it in individuals and teams – because experience shows us time and time again that it is only those who are prepared to examine the impact of the past, that can be truly capable of meeting the demands of the future.

By participating in this program you will

  • Work with Kantor’s concepts of the heroic leader in crisis and know how to intervene when toxic themes begin to escalate, moral judgement abounds and clashes seem impossible to deal with.
  • Design and lead interventions that employ story to work on purpose and identity. 
  • Teach all elements of Structural Dynamics for changing behaviour in high stakes.

“This program is amazing.  Just when you think you know yourself, you get a whole different mirror to hold up. “

“I can’t recommend this program (which is really another part of life journey) enough.”

“Buckle in for a wonderful insightful journey of self!”

Meet The Team


About Kieran White

Kieran White has been learning about and teaching group dynamics since 2003, and brings a deep understanding of how individuals, teams and systems connect to every facet of his work. ​
Kieran is recognized as one of the global experts in Structural Dynamics and worked closely with David Kantor (r.i.p.) on his unfinished work in the years leading up to his death in March 2021.  He was asked by David Kantor to take on the stewardship of David’s work after him.   It was as a result of working with David on his legacy story that lead to Kieran continuing in 2023 to work closely with Professor Amy Edmonson around Psychological Safety, and its integration with Structural Dynamics.​
Kieran holds a Masters in Applied Psychotherapy, a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and related to his earlier career, also holds a first degree in Finance.

About Edna McKelvey

Edna McKelvey blends strong corporate expertise with extensive relational and systemic professional training, providing a unique combination of skills and experience as an Executive Coach. She brings an ability to surface hidden relational dynamics, and encourage awareness that can identify and bring to the surface what is really being said and experienced within systems. As a faculty member of Jansen Newman Institute, she has been teaching group dynamics since 2005 and is passionate about working with clients to identify the dialogical and behavioural dynamics that may contribute to blocking effective and sustainable growth and change.

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FEE: $7500 + GST

A deposit of $2000 is required upon registration, with the full balance required 1 month prior to commencement of the program.