Become A Certified Practitioner of the Fearless Organization Scan

the Fearless Organization by Amy C. Edmondson

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Agility, learning, innovation and team effectiveness all start with psychological safety. The evidence shows that psychological safety is the foundation of team and organisational performance. Psychological Safety supports and promotes generative dialogue and healthy group dynamics; critical in building an effective team culture.

Based on Prof Amy Edmondson’s research, the scan measures psychological safety at both an individual and team level and can scale to any size. This course will teach you to administer, interpret and utilise the Fearless Organization Scan to identify levels of Psychological Safety for teams across organisations.

PeopleTalking is the Fearless Organization Scan (FOS) partner in the Asia Pacific region.

We regularly host certification programs throughout the year. Typically, a certification program will include two presenters and up to 14 participants. PeopleTalking can provide in-house certification programs on request.

This program will provide anyone who has an interest in or the responsibility of facilitating systemic or organisational change, culture development and teaming, or leadership development and team evolution, with tools to facilitate candid conversations for improving group dynamics. There is no prior learning criteria, but the program and scan will resonate with executive coaches, Learning & Development managers, Human Resources executives, or team leaders looking to support healthy and highly functioning teams.

The program is four modules (delivered via Zoom), facilitator-led group sessions, that deliver concepts and content through a blend of highly experiential activities, shared learning and reflection, brainstorming of ideas, guided analysis and interpretation of scan results. This allows practitioners of different backgrounds to understand and integrate the Fearless Organization Scan (FOS) into their current practice models. The four group modules are supported by additional individual and group supervision sessions to assist participants in running their first Fearless Organization Scan using the measurement instrument and to prepare for a scan debrief.

During the program you will learn to set up and scan a ‘pilot team’ using the FOS portal and therein have access to your own personal Fearless Organization Scan dashboard. Afterwards you will continue to have access to the portal and your dashboard. You will also have access to the global community of FOS practitioners.

Module 1 – FOUNDATION: Understanding the Core Concepts (3 hours, group)
Understanding psychological safety. How psychological safety surfaces in teams.  Introducing the Fearless Organization Scan. Why measure using the FOS?

Module 2 – PROCESS: Dialogue and Delivering a Team Debrief (3 hours, group)
How to prepare the leader and the team, set up and send a project in the portal. Statistical validity. What to look for and how to interpret the FOS data. Participate in a debrief.

Module 3 – APPLICATION: Leaders Toolkit and Case Studies (3 hours, group)
Exploring how the FOS sheds light on team dynamics and where practitioners can make meaning from the scan.  How to prepare for a debrief – team or organisation.

Module 4 – PRACTICE: Presentations and Debrief Experience and Commercials (3 hours, group) 
Sharing debrief experiences and insights. Tips and traps, Fearless Organization scan pricing, Supervision and Consulting options.

Gain Practical Experience with Faculty Support – Set up & Debrief a Pilot Team
To further build on previous program learning, participants will get first-hand practical experience using the FOS with a team of their choice.  Participants will set up their own ‘pilot’ team in the portal and debrief the results with their ‘pilot’ team.  Faculty guidance to support this process is included.

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