Harnessing Collective Intelligence and Human Connection
…what leaders can do to support this

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DATE: Wednesday 25 November 2020
TIME: 8.00am – 9.30am AEST

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Why This Event?

It almost seems as if the term ‘VUCA’ was created with these current times in mind. In such circumstances harnessing the collective intelligence and spirit of teams is of critical importance.

Solving complex problems in an uncertain, volatile environment calls on the head, heart and hands of diverse groups of people who can bring different perspectives and skillsets to solve the increasingly complex problems we face.

Research shows that true breakthrough solutions are most likely to be found by bringing diverse perspectives together, but harnessing the power of collective resources is not always easy, and communicative competence plays a vital role.

Leaders are now called upon to enable groups in a way which allows everyone’s voice to be heard and releases the collective resources in teams and organisations. The ‘art of thinking together’ is one which modern leaders must learn, to enable fresh, breakthrough thinking and transformative outcomes

What we’ll cover

Business leaders Kieran White – CEO PeopleTalking,  Ron Arnold – Managing Director  11eight, and

Edna McKelvey – Consultant/Senior Advisor PeopleTalking will feature in a panel discussion.

They will explore their experience of supporting leaders and teams in harnessing their collective intelligence and tapping into the power of human connection, including how this relates to the field of innovation.

In particular, our panel will discuss:

  • How creating an environment where ideas, questions and concerns can be voiced openly and constructively helps release resources in organisations at critical times
  • The practical application of structural dynamics and dialogue practices as a proven way to build psychological safety
  • How tapping into the power of human connection, can boost the energy of people and communities working together, with significant health and wellbeing benefits
  • How these principles can be applied in the field of innovation…to see and act on opportunities as they emerge
    The format is will be interactive, with the opportunity for Q & A during the session.

Our panel:

Kieran White – CEO PeopleTalking
Human connection is at the heart of Kieran’s work. Since introducing Structural Dynamics to Asia/Pacific in 2014, he has led the growth of this approach in the region, and through its unique role in building psychological safety, has supported transformation in a series of organisations, most notably in Australia.
His passion is in supporting leaders to unlock the resources within teams and communities, enabling total organisational systems to change more purposefully over time.

Ron Arnold – Managing Director: 11eight
Ron enjoyed a successful corporate career for over 30 years in businesses such as IAG and AAMI, in a variety of senior leadership roles, which latterly focused on strategic innovation and reinvention.  Through this, he discovered his passion which is now directed towards helping businesses harness the power of innovation to make a better world. In this Ron draws heavily on his knowledge and experience of structural dynamics as an approach to understand how best to mobilise the collective intelligence of teams in finding strategic solutions to complex problems through a future-focused lens.

Edna McKelvey – Consultant & Senior Advisor: PeopleTalking
Edna is an executive coach, accredited supervisor of other coaches, groups and clinicians, and a team/group facilitator. Having had a diverse career over three decades as a senior corporate leader, for the last 15 years Edna has worked broadly in the field of behavioural change, both as a private psychotherapy practitioner and as an executive coach and facilitator.  She is passionate about helping individuals and groups become more capable and effective through growing their self- awareness and skills in relating with one another and gaining a broader understanding of group dynamics and the impact of systemic influences on their performance.



Ron Arnold
Managing Director 11eight

Edna Mckelvey
Executive Coach/Consultant PeopleTalking

Kieran White
CEO PeopleTalking

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