Our primary objective is to facilitate and support changes in leadership behaviours that help your organisation to achieve its strategic objectives. Before designing a programme for you we want to talk to you about your needs and objectives. We build interventions that make a difference and to achieve that we adopt the following design principles:

Our programmes are dialogic

Our research shows that in successful programmes people are provided with the opportunity to learn from each other, not just the facilitators. Great facilitators recognise that they are not the only ‘experts-in the-room’. They create the space for people to try things out and reflect on their experiences. This necessitates a psychologically spacious environment in which dialogue can take place. For this reason we like to work with relatively small groups of 8 -15 people, depending on the format.

Our programmes are phased

To become an adaptive requires a concerted approach. Leadership development is not only about learning new skills, it’s about developing a new awareness of self and a deeper understanding of how we think and who we want to be as leaders. However, we can’t change who we are as leaders purely by thinking about it. We have to step outside of our comfort zones, try new stuff, seek feedback from others, and reflect on our experiences.

We create the right environment for learning

It takes courage to change as a leader. It requires taking risks and being vulnerable. We focus on creating the right (psychologically safe)environment for learning, one in which people feel they can take risks, and support each other. People need support of each other on an ongoing basis, in low and high stakes not just every few weeks upon attending a workshop. In that sense we help people learn how to learn. A set of skills they can embed and continue to grow beyond the duration of a formal programme.

Seek to understand

Your organisation is a system and for your leadership programme to be successful it has to have an impact on that system. We recommend that every organisation puts in place qualitative evaluation processes to observe the impact of the intervention on your organisation as a whole. We have the capability to design such evaluation programmes for you and/or we can teach your people to conduct such programmes in-house.

Our programmes are customised, based on dialogic change principles, and they are effective. Invite us to talk with you to understand more.