Making Change Happen

Get beneath the surface of group dynamics


A foundation course in using Structural Dynamics and the corresponding baseline instrument to create transformational change.

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DAY 1 –  9am-5pm: 
Structural Dynamics and dialogue: catching sight of strengths and stuck patterns

DAY 2 –  9am-5pm: 
Working in high stakes: leaders and teams under pressure

DAY 3 –  9am-5pm: 
Mapping systems for transformational change

VENUE: Virtual delivery VIA ZOOM
COST: $3,500 + 10% GST AUD*
(GST-free for non-Australian residents)
*Additional fees may apply when paying by credit card

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About the program

Making Change Happen is a unique program that equips leaders, coaches, and organisational development professionals to get beneath the surface of deeply ingrained interpersonal behaviours and certifies them to use the Kantor Baseline Instrument with their organisation and clients.

Pioneered by family systems psychologist, Dr. David Kantor, the theory of ‘Structural Dynamics’ deconstructs the hidden dynamics of group interaction. The course teaches participants how to understand and intervene on observable behaviours in the room – creating an opportunity to recognize and change unproductive patterns of communication.

Structural Dynamics is complementary to all other change models. The approach frees up organisations to fully realize their investment in change initiatives, which are often, despite impeccable planning, undermined by dysfunctional interpersonal behaviours.

Dr. Kantor’s theory has been developed and tested in clinical and organisational contexts over a 45-year period and used across the world. Organisations employing Structural Dynamics have seen extraordinary results with teams experiencing greatly improved working relationships, enhanced quality of conversations and more effective decision-making.

The program Making Change Happen is certified by The Kantor Institute and is open to those already using the concepts as well as those being introduced to them for the first time.

By participating in this program you will:

  • Take the Kantor Baseline Behavioural Profile which will provide an insight into your own behaviours in interpersonal situations.
  • Learn how to address fundamental dilemmas of leadership and change stuck patterns of behaviour within teams and whole organisations.
  • Learn how to work with the Kantor Baseline Behavioural Profiles and lead Structural Dynamics interventions with individuals, teams and whole systems that will change the nature of the discourse, enable improved outcomes and greater efficiencies.
  • Guide groups successfully through dialogue processes using Kantor’s models.
  • Become familiar with ‘reading the room’ through being able to track and work with the Kantor Action Modes.

Program includes:

  • 3 x day (8 hour) facilitated sessions via zoom (9am – 12.30 and 1.30 – 5pm with additional breaks)
  • 1 x Kantor baseline instrument (self) with a one hour debrief
  • 2 x 1-hour coaching sessions with a certified Structural Dynamics practitioner to support your learning and integration of Structural Dynamics.
  • 5 Kantor baseline instruments and 1 x team profile to use through your accreditation (value of $1740 + GST)

Meet The Team

David Metherell

David combines his strategic and leadership development experience in working with organisations to improve business momentum through closer cultural/behavioural alignment with strategic priorities.
David is experienced in working with teams and draws from a broad spectrum of resources and practical learning experiences to inform a whole-systems approach to his work, including the use of structural dynamics methods.
He has a calm, practical approach to coaching and cultivates a reflective space where leaders can explore different perspectives and examine the broader scope of their leadership impact in different contexts, particularly in interpersonal aspects.

Andrea van der Merwe

Andrea has worked on three continents with more than 25 years’ experience. These include senior roles in banking and technology, working either at leading change, or coaching the change leader.  In the last 15 years her focus has been on executive and team coaching and whole of organisation change, which resulted in working with hundreds of leaders ranging from the C-suite to community leaders.   She blends her experience of corporate teams with deep experience in group dynamics in other contexts such as female and youth leadership development.  Her educational background in complex systems and complexity theory (Masters in Future Studies) and training in relational systemic methods (ORSC, Cynefin, Structural Dynamics, Systems Constellations) informs a unique perspective to complex change using relational and dialogic processes.


Marisa Dantanarayana

Marisa has international business and not-for-profit board experience and is one of only 30 coaches Australia wide to hold the ICF’s MCC credential, the highest international coach qualification.  She is the Director of Training/Unit Convenor, and facilitator of the Swinburne Post Graduate Certificate in Organisational Coaching.  Her experience spans across a diverse range of clients from large corporations to small businesses, from public to private sector.  She works with teams, groups and individuals, from C-suite to middle management.  Marisa is known for her ability to ask the hard questions, ability to connect and for her solid business acumen, seeking alignment of behaviour with business objectives and personal values.

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Cost: $3500 + 10% GST AUD
(GST-free for non-Australian residents)

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