PeopleTalking is the sole authorised training provider for Structural Dynamics in Australia and New Zealand and authorised training provider for the Fearless Organization Scan in Australia



Fearless Organization Scan offers the opportunity to measure psychological safety in teams.

PeopleTalking is the accredited training provider for the Fearless Organization Scan in Australia.

Typically, the scan is done at regular intervals of around three months in the form of a seven-question online survey which takes participants under 3 minutes to complete.

The result is a Psychological Safety Index (PSI) score, within the context of a specified group or team.

The PSI gives a breakdown across four axes:

  • Open conversation
  • Willingness to help
  • Attitude to risk and failure
  • Inclusion and diversity

The data is presented in a way which respects individual confidentiality and provides the opportunity to facilitate a conversation of what is /isn’t working within the team to deliver these results.

Our experience is that using dialogue-based approaches, such as Structural Dynamics, we can support teams to discuss the findings in a way which builds psychological safety and collaboration within the team.

PeopleTalking provides training in Australia to accredit practitioners and qualified managers in organisations to run the Fearless Organization Scan, and our courses are run regularly to meet this demand.

Please visit our FOS Practitioner Certification page or contact us for details of upcoming courses at fos@peopletalking.com.au



Making Change Happen is a PeopleTalking program designed to provide leaders, coaches and organisational development professionals with the tools to work at a much deeper level within groups and systems. It provides an opportunity to learn how to apply dialogue and Structural Dynamics in agile environments.

Pioneered by US systems psychologist David Kantor, and tested in clinical contexts over a 45-year period, the theory of Structural Dynamics deconstructs the hidden dynamics of group interaction and links them to observable behaviours in the room. This creates the opportunity to recognise and change ‘stuck’ patterns of behaviours that are not working.

Participants are invited to take their own Kantor Baseline Behavioural Profile offering an insight into the behaviours people typically express in interpersonal situations.

In the 3 x 1 day PeopleTalking virtual workshops, participants are taught how to:

  • Guide groups successfully through dialogue processes using Kantor’s models
  • Debrief individuals and teams using the Kantor Baseline Behavioural Profile
  • Code conversations using the Kantor Action Modes
  • Teach all elements of the Kantor Baseline Behavioural Profile to others and to facilitate exercises
  • Lead interventions to address fundamental dilemmas of leadership and change ‘stuck’ patterns of behaviour
  • After the workshop participants are provided with six hours of individual coaching to support them in conducting their first interventions.

The programmes foundation level courses in using Structural Dynamics and dialogue practice to create transformational change. They are certified by The Kantor Institute and are open to those already using the concepts as well as those being introduced to them for the first time.



Changing Behaviour in High Stakes is a program open to those who have successfully completed the entry-level programme, Making Change Happen. We offer Changing Behaviour in High Stakes in partnership with The Kantor Institute. Using David Kantor’s theory of Structural Dynamics, we explore the powerful, but invisible forces which drive our face-to-face interaction when the stakes are high.

This People Talking program offers practitioners, coaches, facilitators and leaders the opportunity to look at what drives human behaviour in a crisis. By deconstructing the structures that sit behind our reactions and reaching into the past to explore story and identity, it becomes possible to understand and change the disruptive patterns of behaviour that can erupt in individuals and teams without warning.

In the four-day PeopleTalking workshop participants are taught:

  • Kantor’s concepts of the heroic leader in crisis
  • How to intervene when toxic themes begin to escalate, moral judgment abounds and clashes seem impossible to deal with
  • To use Kantor’s High Stakes Behavioural Profile Instrument to understand and work with leader behaviour in critical, high stakes situations when shadow behaviours show themselves and begin to wreak havoc
  • Design and lead interventions that employ story to work on purpose and identity

After the workshop participants are provided with six hours of individual coaching to support them in conducting their first interventions.