At PeopleTalking the best outcome of our coaching programmes is an organisation with a new lease of life, often almost unrecognisable from its former incarnation.  We take it as the greatest measure of our success when we are told our services are no longer required!  From our experience, this type of transformation occurs in a company when people become deeply aware of their own motivations and narrative and are able to align these with their organisational aims in a collaborative way.  This results in sustained improvement in performance through lasting cultural and behavioural change.

While it’s essential for us to have engagement at the most senior level, our work often begins in a specific area within an organisation which offers systemic ‘clues.’  These are later applied at a whole of organisation level in a broader programme.  This dialogue-based, emergent approach is at the heart of the PeopleTalking practice model.  It allows us to work through the hidden complexities and unseen realities which can hold the key to the behavioural and cultural norms limiting performance.  By shining a light on these aspects, we can, over time, help deliver a reinvigorated organisation.