We believe in

creating human connections

Our vision is to help organisations transform themselves through human connection.

Welcome to PeopleTalking. Our programs for individuals, leaders, teams and groups have transformed numerous local and global organisations over the past ten years. How? We help build better environments for human systems to thrive based on unique, proven approaches created by two internationally prominent US thought leaders. The brilliant work of Professor Amy Edmondson’s Psychological Safety and Dr David Kantor’s Structural Dynamics are at the heart of all PeopleTalking programs.

So, come in and take a look around our site and discover how our people could work with your people to enhance your business’ success through sustained behavioural and cultural change.




Willingness to speak up, be vulnerable and create a space for others to do the same


Acting in service of others as well as exercising self-care


Passion for learning – practising a spirit of inquiry and self-reflection


Sharing knowledge and resources, in service of common aims


“I have spent 25 years as a leader of people, exploring team effectiveness, experimenting with coaching, and building energised teams. ‘PeopleTalking’ have ended my search and cracked the code of repeatable, enduring and simple techniques that embed a refreshing way of working that is astonishing in it’s simplicity and human impact. It changes lives for the better, at work and at home.”
René Dedoncker – Managing Director
Fonterra Australia Pty Ltd



You’ll be in excellent company; these are a few of our clients who speak highly of the exceptional outcomes of working with PeopleTalking.

PeopleTalking is the sole authorised training provider for Structural Dynamics in the Asia Pacific region, and is also the authorised training provider for The Fearless Organization Scan in Australia.