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Jul 19, Sep 20, Oct 18 & Nov 22**

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Session Dates

Tues 18 Jul 2:30pm PDT
Wed 19 Jul 7:30am AEST
Tues 19 Sep 2:30pm PDT
Wed 20 Sep 7:30am AEST
Tues 17Oct 1:30pm PDT
Wed 18 Oct 7:30am AEDT
Tues 21 Nov 12:30pm PST
Wed 22 Nov 7:30am AEDT


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Session 1

Tues 18 Jul 2:30pm-4:00pm PDT
Wed 19 Jul 7:30am-9:00am AEST

Model building – Amy Edmondson and David Kantor

What emerged from their meeting in 2020 around integration of both bodies of work…where is this integration at now?

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Model building

This masterclass will:

include a teach on the ways Structural Dynamics and Psychological Safety work best at both an individual level and at a team level. Where do these 2 brilliant models fall short if kept apart ?


showcase ways to integrate elements from both theorists which results in increased traction and enduring change.

Session 2

Tues 19 Sep 2:30pm-4:00pm PDT
Wed 20 Sep 7:30am-9:00am AEST

David Kantor’s pursuit of interventionist mastery

How aware are you of Compensatory Replacement, transference, family of origin recreation, projection and other interpersonal distortions impacting you in the room?

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Interventionist Mastery

David’s model of structural Dynamics is psychodynamic, in that it puts its arms around the conscious and unconscious at a group/relational level.
This masterclass will cover the subconscious forces which can take the interventionist away from the path of doing great work, and even result in harm. Kantor was very clear and demanding of the work interventionists must do on self which include protecting those we work with against such hidden forces.

Session 3

Tues 17 Oct 1:30pm-3:00pm PDT
Wed 18 Oct 7:30am-9:00am AEDT

The Behavioural Index instrument (BI) debrief

Why is page 11 so important? The missing focus on Life well lived and why David Kantor saw page 11 and what it represents as critical to work on.

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BI Debrief and Life Well Lived

David’s legacy is based on sharing his work so that peoples lives, their relationships can change for the better, it was never just about being better leaders or team members more skilled in effective dialogue. Some SD instruments and practitioners are moving away from the ‘whole self’ territory covered in page 11 of the Kantor BI. This masterclass will present the case for working with the whole person in mind, and page 11 is therefor so very important to see in this light, and know how to bring alive.

Session 4

Tues 21 Nov 12:30pm-2:00pm PST
Wed 22 Nov 7:30am-9:00am AEDT

How do you work with High Stakes?

When the intervention is as a result of a rupture, and also how do you work with high stakes before there are any signs of rupture?

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High Stakes

We have all lived through the pandemic, and there has never been a more important time for understanding self in the context of existential crisis and high stakes. “Who am I when most challenged and needed?” is a question worth exploring, and how SD can help will be the focus of this final masterclass of 2023.
This masterclass goes to the very heart of David’s goal – that his model of Structural Dynamics can lead to increased functional awareness in low stakes and high stakes.

meet the


Kieran White has been learning about and teaching group dynamics since 2003, and brings a deep understanding of how individuals, teams and systems connect to every facet of his work. ​Kieran has coached hundreds of leaders, trained hundreds of psychotherapists, has run his own private psychotherapy clinic, been a senior business leader in various multi-nationals, and these days works with organisations around whole systems change, integrating Structural Dynamics.

Kieran is recognized as one of the global experts in Structural Dynamics and worked closely with David Kantor (r.i.p.) on his unfinished work in the years leading up to this death in March 2021. He was asked by David to take on the stewardship of his work after him. It was as a result of working with David on his legacy story that has lead to Kieran continuing to work closely with Professor Amy Edmondson around Psychological Safety, and its integration with Structural Dynamics.​

Kieran holds a Masters in Applied Psychotherapy, a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and related to his earlier career, also holds a first degree in Finance.

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